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    Lee Dar

    Why do contacts need to be uploaded to your server?
    Your app already has access to read my contacts, yet you need me to upload them to your server? Move the private personal information I have for personal private friends and business associates on my phone, to your server to be used in anyway you chose, no restriction, without my knowledge?

    No clear public information on what you do with the information.

    This is a time where people's identity is stolen, credit cards stolen, personal private information shared publicly, private phone numbers of celebrities, famous people, politicians, shared publicly.

    I may chose to share my information, but I will not upload everybody else's information to you without their knowledge or control, and without you sharing how no why you will use it, and how I can prosecute you if you don't follow the law.

    I have looked for details within the app on why these need to be uploaded within the preferences, but nothing is listed.

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    @Lee One of the features enjoyed the most by our subscribers is the Smart Greeting. Uploading your contacts into our servers allows your callers to be greeted by name. It adds a personal touch when clients, friends, or family call and leave you a message.

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    Craig Hollyfield

    Galaxy S5, uploaded contacts and received success message. But no contacts listed in youmail

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    Carissa Danao

    @Craig It looks like your contacts are successfully uploaded to YouMail. I will be sending you an email shortly.

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    gary smith

    How do i upload contacts menu tab not giving directions as,you specified

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    Carissa Danao

    @gary Please make sure you are selecting the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen in the YouMail app. If you do not see any of these options, please force close the app and try again.

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