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    Penny Elliott

    I got cut off before finishing my review on YOU MAILS CUSTOMER SUPPORT HELP,,,,,I'm very dissatisfied, ,,,I'm out alot of money due to bank charges simply because no one from customer service mentioned to me, closing my account was something I had to do myself! Now I owe over 150 dollars for bank charges, I didn't ever know, I was being charged for! Very unprofessional!,,,I hate to give bad reviews but if it saves one person from being taken advantage of, than it's worth it! Btw, I Googled the best way to reach someone from customer support and one of the search results was ,,,,many very bad reviews for youmails,,on accounts not being canceled when customers requested it to be done !

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    Carissa Danao

    @Penny We would be glad to assist you with any billing issues you were having. Please contact our support team directly so that we can get your account info. Submit a request here: http://ow.ly/OzHC0

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