How do I reinstate my landline with youmail? And go back to using the app to know when I have calls?




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    Carissa Danao (Edited )

    Is your phone forwarding to your cell phone? If not, please contact your landline carrier and ask them to enable "conditional call forwarding" to your deposit number, which you can find here:

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    I'm having a similar problem - I didn't have it working previously and deactivate - but I'm trying to activate a landline for the first time, using the Business Plan, on Verizon and having the same issue as the original poster.  And similarly, getting no response to support requests.

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    Carissa Danao

    @MSJ check the official comment on this forum to resolve your issue. We have responded to your support requests in the past. If you sent another one and did not receive a response, we probably didn't receive it. Please submit another ticket here:

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