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    Carissa Danao

    Deleting the app is the last step to deactivating YouMail. When you downloaded the app, you activated the carrier feature, call forwarding. If you decide you no longer want to use YouMail, you have to deactivate call forwarding to YouMail so your calls will go to your carrier's voicemail. Follow this link for deactivation instructions:

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    I used the code for T-Mobile to deactivate call forwarding and it did something to my phone where it went from LTE to H instantly. What in the heck did that code do?

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    Carissa Danao

    @Thepanttherlady The deactivation code did just that - deactivated call forwarding to YouMail. Basically, you are no longer using YouMail as your voicemail when you dial the deactivation code. H is a signal indicator. We have no control over the service or data coverage you receive, that would be T-Mobile's control. Contact your carrier if you are having issues with coverage.

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