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    Lucas Guillemette

    Ok guys, so automatic activation by Youmail didn't work for me but I was able to figure it out with Bell's support page. So I'm using a Note 5 and when I called customer support they didn't understand what I was talking about.

    So first you have to add the call forwarding feature to your plan, which is easy to do on the website. For me it's $3/month, -$0.25/min. You most likely have voicemail already setup, I think it's pretty standard now. So go to your phone's ''Phone'' app, go to ''Call setting'', then ''Call forwarding''. You see the numbers underneath the forwarding setting? For example ''Forward when busy'' with underneath a +1xxxxxxxxxx forward number. That's the number of your Bell voicemail that Youmail is trying to override. Except when Youmail tries to override it with that *92xxxxxxxxxx it's not working. Don't worry.

    Now go to youmail activation setting and instead of pressing that big orange button called ''Activate'' go to ''Additional information'' and checkout that *92xxxxxxxxxxx number. Now those 10 digits after the *92, that's what you want to paste as the ''Forward when busy'' (and desired other forwarding options) preceded by a +1. So it should look like a +1xxxxxxxxxx like the original number that was in place.

    Make sure it's a that forwarding number provided by Youmail has a local area code.

    And... you're welcome!

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    Carissa Danao

    Hi Lucas. We're glad you found that information! We also have an article about setting up your call forwarding internally here:

    The instructions you provided are not for all phones. Most YouMailers will be able to get connected with the the *92 code provided, however some phones, like the Note 5, will not connect with this code and will have to enter this number in their call forwarding settings as you have mentioned. The link above also has more instructions.

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